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Outreach That Works:

bringing new people in and helping them stay

NED Evangelism ZOOM Huddle

March 12 @ 10 AM

During this Zoom Huddle we will look at the 4 main areas of outreach preparation: Digital, Spiritual, Relational, and Physical
We will focus on preparing our churches as a whole, rather than simply winging it and hoping that our people will step up when it counts. We will gain a full perspective on outreach preparation so that we can hit all the bases and make room for God to move in a big way. We will learn how to capitalize on the gifts already present in our congregations and watch out for our blind spots. We know that God wants to use us in spite of our weaknesses, so let’s help prepare our congregations to see Him move and make Him known.

What you will gain in this Zoom Huddle:
-A full perspective on the Digital, Spiritual, Relational, and Physical spaces of outreach preparation

-Digital tools for welcoming new comers and perking the interest of non-Christians and visitors alike

-Tools for equipping your congregation to be ready for “in the moment ministry opportunities” and to help them see your community area as their own mission field

-Tips for making your church ready for visitors at any time

-Strategies for building a culture of hospitality, discernment, and empowerment by the Holy Spirit

-Getting your church out of the building into the community in creative ways

Pastors and Outreach Leaders, invite your leadership team to participate in this exciting event. It's outreach season, so let's get ready together!


Opening the Digital Door, Part 2

"THe Tools of Digital Outreach"

Saturday, June 19, 2021


Zoom Huddle for Pastors and Outreach Leaders

February 27, 2021

Topic of this Zoom Huddle: “Opening the Digital Door” - The How and Why of Online Outreach


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  •                   Preparing Your Church for visitors

    Click HERE for more information on focusing on four spaces in              your church to better prepare for and welcome visitors!

share jesus

Share Jesus is a mobile evangelism training workshop provided by the District Evangelism Committee. The workshop provides both teaching and real practice in sharing the gospel. It is also customizable to the needs of each congregation. Share Jesus is completely FREE to the church hosting the event and all the participants. For inquiries about hosting a Share Jesus Training Event at your church, contact Bonnie Koonsman at