district evangelism team

David Prahst, Chairperson

vac1@frontiernet.net (518) 993-3350

Phil Barner

psbarner@juno.com (607) 478-8678

Bonnie Koonsman

bjgable@gmail.com (215) 518-2508

Tré Reaume

tre@elmdm.com (619) 708-7908

  • Dave Prahst

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  • Phil Barner

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  • Bonnie Koonsman

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  • Tré Reaume

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share jesus

Share Jesus is a mobile evangelism training workshop provided by the District Evangelism Committee. The workshop provides both teaching and real practice in sharing the gospel. It is also customizable to the needs of each congregation. Share Jesus is completely FREE to the church hosting the event and all the participants. For inquiries about hosting a Share Jesus Training Event at your church, contact Pastor Dave Prahst at vac1@frontiernet.net.