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The U.S. Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) is part of a              Christ-centered global movement more than 6 million strong. 

Our Acts 1:8 family - inspired by Jesus' love and empowered by His Spirit      is passionate to bring the good news about Him

to our neighborhoods and world.

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NortheasterN District History

Part of the original Eastern District, the Northeastern District was organized in 1932.  It was comprised of the states of New York and New Jersey. Seventy churches were represented at the first District Conference, held at the Albany Gospel Tabernacle.  Missionary giving that first year totaled $78,000.  Rev. H. D. Stoddard was the first District Superintendent.


By 1947, the District had grown to 126 churches with 6,045 members and the missionary offerings reached $205,512.  The District headquarters were located in Johnson City, New York. Rev. L. J. Isch, Sr. was elected as District Superintendent. The District was divided in 1963, creating the Metropolitan District which included the state of New Jersey, New York City, Long Island, and the counties of Rockland, Orange, Putnam, and Westchester in New York State.  The Northeastern District consisted of the remainder of New York State, and totaled about 70 churches. Rev. W. Emerson Ackerman became the new District Superintendent that year.


In 1969, the District offices moved to Rome, New York. Rev. Samuel W. McGarvey was chosen as the fourth District Superintendent in 1976 and Rev. Robert W. Sawders was appointed as the first District Extension Director.  At that time there were 77 churches with nearly 5,000 members, and the giving to missions reached the $500,000 mark. Rev. Woodford C. Stemple was elected District Superintendent in 1985, with Rev. David Grey serving as Extension Director.  Rev. R. Thomas Peck became the Extension Director in 1991 and served in that capacity until the Spring of 1995. Rev. David J. Phillips was elected as District Superintendent in 1994, with Rev. Francis L. Leonard assuming the responsibilities of Assistant to the District Superintendent and Director of Extension and Church Growth in 1995.


In 1998, the position of District Business Manager was created and filled by Mr. Frank E. Whiting until his retirement in 2014. In 2000, a former International Worker and Field Director to England, Rev. Jon A. Martin was appointed Director of Church Multiplication and Development and served as the Director of Church Health and Multiplication until 2014. Rev. Daniel D. Miller became District Superintendent in 2006 and served two terms retiring in 2014. In 2013, Northeastern District Churches numbered 75 and gave $1,515,337 to the Great Commission Fund.


Rev. David B. Linn was elected as District Superintendent in 2014.  Dr. Sally V. Fry, CWM, came aboard that same year in a new role of Ministry Specialist (now Leadership Development Specialist) encompassing education, human resources, leadership development including ministry women, and business management.  Rev. David Murphy joined the staff in 2015 as Assistant to the DS and Missions Mobilizer (now Church Advance Specialist/Missions Mobilizer). Then in 2017 two part-time staff members were added: Rev. Jon Schuerholz as Strategic Growth Specialist (until March 2020), and Mrs. Lisa L. Vogan, CWM, as Disciplemaking Specialist.  Mrs. Tracy Murphy took Billie Merrick’s Administrative Assistant position in 2009 and, along with all of that, she initiated an Empower for Women livestream site at the District Office. Mrs. Terri A. Groh, CWM came on board as a member of District staff in 2019 as Alliance Women Director.  In 2020, Mrs. Tracy Murphy retired from the District Office after 11 years, and Mrs. Melanie Thornton joined the team as Executive Assistant (now Ministry and Administrative Specialist). 

In 2022, Rev. David B. Linn was elected for his third term as District Superintendent.