The Vital Role of Church Advance

in Northeastern District Churches


As we journey through the ever-changing landscape of our world, the mission of the Church remains steadfast: to advance the kingdom of God. In the Northeastern District family, this commitment to advancing the Gospel is not just a slogan but a deeply ingrained conviction that drives our collective efforts to reach the lost and disciple believers. At the heart of this endeavor lies the vital initiative known as Church Advance, a strategic approach to fostering growth, vibrancy, and spiritual depth within our congregations.


What is Church Advance?

Church Advance is not merely a program; it's a mindset – a commitment to relentless advancement in fulfilling the Great Commission. It encompasses a range of strategies, resources, and prayers aimed at igniting a passion for God's mission within local churches. From evangelism and discipleship to community engagement and global outreach, Church Advance empowers congregations to move forward in faith, unity, and purpose.

The Significance of Church Advance in NED Churches

 1.     Visionary Leadership: Church Advance encourages pastors and leaders to embrace a vision for growth that extends beyond numerical increase to include spiritual maturity and Kingdom impact. By equipping leaders with tools for strategic planning and visionary leadership, Church Advance enables congregations to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and stay focused on God's mission.

2.     Holistic Discipleship: Central to Church Advance is the belief that discipleship is not a one-time event but a lifelong journey. Through intentional discipleship pathways, small groups, and mentorship programs, Alliance churches are empowered to cultivate mature disciples who are grounded in the Word, filled with the Spirit, and committed to making disciples themselves.

3.     Missional Engagement: Church Advance challenges congregations to break free from the confines of church walls and actively engage with their communities. Whether through service projects, outreach events, or partnerships with local organizations, Alliance churches are called to embody the love of Christ in tangible ways, thereby becoming beacons of hope and transformation in their neighborhoods.

 4.     Global Impact: Beyond local contexts, Church Advance spurs Alliance churches to participate in God's global mission. Through missions’ support, short-term trips, and partnerships with Alliance international workers, congregations have the opportunity to extend their influence to the ends of the earth, playing a vital role in fulfilling the Great Commission among unreached people groups.


Embracing the Call to Advance


As members of the Alliance family, we are called to embrace the mandate to advance the Gospel with unwavering commitment and zeal. Church Advance provides us with the tools, resources, and support needed to press forward in faith, knowing that God is faithful to fulfill His purposes through His Church.

In the coming months, let us recommit ourselves to the vision of Church Advance, seeking God's guidance and empowerment as we pursue growth, discipleship, and mission. Together, let us advance boldly, knowing that our labor in the Lord is not in vain.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us as we advance His kingdom.


Introducing the NED Church Advance Team

  • Jeremy Gorham

    Jeremy Gorham is the lead pastor of Crosstown Alliance, overseeing revitalization and replanting efforts for struggling churches in upstate New York and Western Pennsylvania. He specializes in organizational change, vision casting, leadership development, and preaching, serving also as a Director for Fresh Start Network, guiding partner church pastors in replanting initiatives. Jeremy offers insights and support to district churches, encouraging them to consider partnership opportunities and providing counsel on leadership and revitalization endeavors

  • melissa guay

    Melissa Guay’s strengths are in building community within the congregation and discipleship. She currently oversees small groups, hospitality, women’s ministry, and communications. Melissa is passionate about welcoming in those on the fringe and using congregational networks to spur one another on toward love and good works.

  • bryce baldwin

    Bryce Baldwin is excited to be a part of the NED Church Advance Team, particularly in the areas of crafting a strategic vision for your church and fostering a culture of genuine community engagement that makes a tangible difference. He truly believes that our outreach should be making our communities a better place to live. Bryce’s passion lies in empowering district workers to envision, strategize, and cultivate connections within their church and communities. He eagerly anticipates collaborating with you, providing the necessary tools and guidance to effectively shape vision, enhance strategic approaches to church culture, and facilitate meaningful community interactions tailored to your unique contexts.

  • andy ward

    For the past twenty-two years, Andy Ward has had the privilege of serving as the pastor at Hope Alliance Church, with the last seventeen years dedicated to leading the congregation as its head pastor. During his tenure, Andy assumed the role of chairman for the District Strategic Growth Team, where he led the team for three years contributing to our District church's vision and expansion initiatives. Additionally, he proudly serve as a PEAK coach for our district, providing guidance and support to fellow pastors and leaders in their personal and professional growth journeys.

  • victoria spencer

    Victoria Spencer serves as the Leadership Development Coordinator at Kenmore Alliance Church in Buffalo, New York. Her work primarily consists of administrating a program called The Center for Biblical Studies. This ministry provides accredited Bible education at an affordable cost for people in the Buffalo area. She also runs a Young Adult Ministry, facilitates adult and youth internships, and oversees all communications and promotional content for Kenmore Alliance Church.

    Victoria is excited to use her skillsets gained both from hands on ministry experience and formal education to assist churches in their pursuit of further gospel advancement